Zhanjiang PROSYN Y&M Bio Tech Co., Ltd. was established in Suixi, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China on March 25, 2022. At present, the company is the holding subsidiary of Guangzhou PROSYN Bio Tech Co., Ltd., orientating in "Yeast feedstuffs and organic trace minerals." Yeast selenium, yeast chromium, protein or compound amino acid chelates (complex) trace minerals, yeast culture, fermented pineapple pomace, fermented spirit grains, mixed feed additives microecological preparations, premixes and other products will be produced. The company will follow the goal of "based on the industry changes, focus on customer needs, and establish a continuous strive mechanism to achieve the goals of high technology, differentiation, environmental protection, low cost and high added value." The above high-quality products and programs will be provided to the feed factories and farms at surrounding areas, other parts of China as well as foreign countries. Adhering to the pragmatic culture, through  continuous efforts and the integration of external forces, our company has faith in ourselves achieving stronger and bigger!